In Heroes Over Europe, there are over 20 different types of planes that are divided into categories based on what country it was manufactured (US, Japan, Russia, Italy, Germany, Britain). Upon selection of a plane to use for a mission, all planes are grouped with planes manufactured by the same country, the varieties for a plane (indicated by a x/y where x is the current variety and y is the overall amount of varieties for that plane),and the statistics of the plane appear with a rating (icons based off of which country made that plane) from 1 icon to 5 icons for a stat. There are 4 stats for a plane:

- Weapons (quality of weapons and how much damage can be inflicted)

- Armor (determines how much of a beating the plane can take before it is destroyed)

- Speed (how fast the plane can fly)

- Agility (how maneuverable the plane is, higher the stat, the better you can chase an enemy plane and the better you can avoid incoming fire)

There is also the payload screen, which can be used to see what is the max speed, name and type of weapons, acceleration, amount of ammo is held for secondary weapons that can be used, type of engine(s), and the horsepower of the engines. There are sometimes a special feature of a plane which is identified as rear if it is a cpu controlled weapon that is mounted in the rear of the plane (all bombers have this) or upward if it is a fixed weapon that points upwards that is used to damage planes above the player's plane (most German night planes have this).

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To the right is what it looks like when the player earns a new plane from completing a mission's bonus objective (notice the status icon for the German bomber as it is the Nazi symbol).