The Mustang is an american fighter bomber in Heroes over Europe that is unlocked after completing the final mission in the First campaign. It is a well balanced fighter that comes equipped with 6 machine guns and 8 rockets and is the faster alternative to the Thunderbolt, only sacrificing some armor for increased speed. With the top speed of 440 mph, it is considered the 2nd fastest plane in the game, only to be beaten by the Me 262 Schwalbe and its ace variant.

Though a good fighter overall, it does come with downsides as it has lower armor compared to the Thunderbolt and has no protection to the back, which can leave inexperienced players in the gun fire of a pursuing enemy. The plane is also harder to control as well due to the increased speed which could also spell disaster for new players, so it is recommended that new players use the Thunderbolt until they think that they can tackle the Mustang.