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Heroes Over Europe is a Ariel Combat Simulator/Arcade game developed by Atari. It is the sequel of Heroes of the Pacific that is set during the last few years of World War II.

The game features many types of planes ranging from American fighters to German bombers that can be flown, but have to be unlocked by completing the bonus missions as well as completing them on different difficulties (higher difficulty=better plane). The nationality of a plane can be determined by the symbols that the plane bears that will also be used in the selection screen to determine the rating of a stat of a plane (one full symbol=one star).


The game puts the player in the perspective of three war pilots, each with their own respective story line:

- Tom Forester (American)

- Will West (New Zealander)

- Danny "Squiffy" Miller (British)

There is another addition called the ACE mode ,which slows down time and reveals target's weaknesses that allows you to target and take down enemy planes using one bullet with precision accuracy. Though this aiming mode requires the player to keep the crosshairs trained on the target in order to charge the ACE gauge (located around the crosshairs) that must be 1/2 full to activate ACE mode, which is harder to do on ACE pilots as they will constantly try to out maneuver the player. The player can increase the duration of ACE mode by letting the gauge charge longer before going into ACE mode, and if the player allows the gauge to fully charge before going into ACE mode, the gauge will start blinking which indicates that the player has achieved Full ACE, which continues after the first ACE kill rather than stopping after achieving one kill, giving the player the ability to chain ACE kills, as well as the meter depletes at a slower rate than normal.
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ACE mode (notice how the major weakpoints of the target are highlighted in yellow)


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