Danny Miller is a British pilot that can be played as in the 2nd campaign. His age is unknown but he seems to be in his mid 20s hinted by his cocky behavior.

He is played first during the 1st mission of the 2nd campaign where he has to patrol around the coast ensuring that the radar stations are in good condition. Things are peaceful until there is a report of a German scout plane buzzing by a radar station, which Danny gives pursuit. The German scout starts to fly faster when it detects Danny's plane and drops a red flare at a station (either the left station or the right) and continues to try and outrun Danny. When the scout is taken down, there is a report of an enemy formation heading to that station which is revealed to be 6 German Stuka dive bomber planes that attack the marked station by diving down then releasing bombs that hit the station. They are found at a high altitude and must be taken out before they dive bomb and destroy the station. When the dive bombers are dispatched, a large formation of German Emil fighters assault Danny and his squadron until a squadron of Scottish pilots assist in the dogfight and the German Fighters have been dispatched. The remaining fighters are destroyed then large formations of German Bombers (not stukas this time) of 1 leader and 4 normal bombers in a v shaped formations assault the base. The bombers must be taken out before they are able to drop their payloads onto the base and destroy it.